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Cosplay preparations

me and my beloved cousin started last Friday to look for thing for our cosplay this year. yeasterday i even to my neighbor, who is a  seamstress, to take my measurements for my cosplay. 
cant help but to be excited! ^^
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Ruka Crosszeria

Cowboy Bebop

 just read in the newspaper that Kiano Rives will play Spike Spigel (<3) in a movie based on the great anime Cowboy Bebop!
i can't wait to see it!!!!!
Ruka Crosszeria

Another Year of Studies....

Yesterday i started my second year of university. i had lots of fun!
today i have classes until 6 pm and also on Sunday and Wednesday...
i have very interesting classes in both of my majors and i hope i'll lots of fun!
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Ruka Crosszeria


I woke up today to the lovely sound of the rain! yes! I love winter! ^^
so many things has happened since I last updated my journal, and now I'm the proud owner of Akatsuki - my amazing, beautiful new compie^^ he's black & red and it deserved a name!
happy news: first of all - CONGRATULATIONS kochan_addict, my most beloved senpai for her engagement! <3
second, my childhood friend gave birth to her first child, a cute girl name Liel! so again, Congrats!
also today is my beloved mother's birthday  - Happy Birthday MOM! <333
and i found out that my order of yaoi novels has been sent to me after a long wait - yay~ 
i'm preparing for the con this coming Sunday, not only that i'm selling manga and merchandise, I'm going to sell some of my drawings^^ hope i'll make lots of money (god knows I need it...).
plz notice my beautiful new avatar - the amazing, beautiful, sexy and very capable Sebastian - the butler that i would really like to have for myself O_<
Ruka Crosszeria

Happy Birthday Me!

yes, starting today i'm carrying the burden of 25 years!!! such an old women.... T_T
and just my luck to start this wonderful day with 1 hour of talking to the credit company and the cable company....
but! i'm going out this evening to a restaurant with my sis and a friend (sushi <3), and this weekend my beloved cousin and couple of friends from university gonna are coming over and i'll make a lot of japanese food, we'll watch movie and eat cake^^ otanoshimi~

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Ruka Crosszeria

Welcome to Pacific

just my luck - got a cold in the middle of summer.... *sigh*
BUT - yesterday I watched NEWS first live at Tokyo Dome - Pacific. IT WAS AMAZING!!! the beautiful dance, the usually horrible clothes, the special effects, the energy, the songs (a great combination of Devil or Angel and Shock Me), and of course my beloved beautiful Yuya <3 that made me fall all over again for him when he sang Ai Nante. he has such beautiful voice and I was mesmerized! YamaP also stunned me when he sang Gomen ne Juliet and at some point opened his white jucket and reviled his gorgeous abbes *drool* - that performance should be out of the law....
Ruka Crosszeria

Italy is Here!

I stayed up until 3.30 am last night to watch Reborn Carnival - Reborn Seiyuu live show including all their character songs. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I enjoyed every minuet, watching the lovely Hidekazu Ichinose (Gokudera) <3 <3 <3 another Seiyuu I'd love tho have an affair with O_<... he even told the audience at the end that they are all part of the Vongola Family! also loved Kondou Takashi (my beloved Hibari <3) - he was having so much fun and giving his all as he sang... kawaii~
Toshinobu Iida (Mukuro) was kind of charming, even tho his looks are.... well, lets leave his looks... he has a gorgeous voice and i'm dying he'll enter the BL world and play a cunning sexy seme!
Suguro Inoue (Yamamoto) and Hidekazu are so cute together - they have such great chemistry! they host together the rebornraji every monday so no wonder.Hidenobu Kikuchi (Ryouhei a.k.a Onisan) was KYOUKUGEN! and even wore a shirt with the kanji for kyoukugen XD
I hope for many more Reborn love!

Ruka Crosszeria

Life Goes On

yesterday I worked for 10 hours.... got a headache, but the good thing was that I met a classmate of mine from high school - I was happy to see him!. he was the forth person from my grade that I met at work.
today I was supposed to go to the pool to swim (diet.... >.>), but I woke up near noon so I gave that up.... (LAZY ME), but I'll definitely go tomorrow!. in the afternoon I went with my family to my dad's grave... I'm planning to go alone next Sunday since It's his birthday - he was supposed to be 68. we'll buy a cake!
anyway, today I got my salary and I got about 300 shekels more than I calculated! yay! now I can go out and have a good time on my birthday (16 more days!).

Ikkemen of the week - Yoite - Nabari no Ou

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Ruka Crosszeria

Matirial Girl

today I went to the mall with my sis and we bought TONS of Diddle products: stickers, writing paper and so on...
we spent more than 600 shekels!!!! well, my bill alone was more than 400.... that I don't have..... but I couldn't help it..... they are so cute. after that we ate sushi (my sis paid... I'm poor.. T_T), and then we bought new cells.
now I feel  whole! ^_^

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